The Olive Branch Conference Center is owned by Tsakani Investment. Building commenced in 2009.

The Conference Center was established in commemoration of the lives of Mr Helets Sono and Mrs Roseline Sono who are parents of one of the owners, Dr Olive (Sono) Shisana. Helets and Rose Sono were entrepreneurs who contributed to the development of Makotopong. They  built a grocery store, a café and post office that served the community. Helets named his business Rozano derived from his wife’s name Roseline. The store he established and the local postal name still bear the name Rozano. The couple  farmed maze, beans and peanuts and provided jobs to local members of the community. They provided transport to the local community at the time when cars were a luxury rather than a necessity. They truly believed in the spirit of Vuk’Unzenzele.

The Olive Branch has continued the legacy of Helets and Roseline. Since its inception, it has provided more than 150 local people with employment in various activities, namely, construction, farming and hospitality. Its philosophy captured below reflects the caring spirit of this wonderful couple.


Valuing Employees

  • Employees are the most important organizational asset. Hence they are valued.

The Environment:

  • Apart from exceptional circumstances, the lights use energy saving bulbs.
  • Buildings have ample windows and in some cases skylight for the use of as much natural light as possible
  • The toilets use borehole water all the time and designed to only use municipality water in case the latter is not operational. The sewerage goes into a septic tank that is periodically drained for proper disposal to reduce environmental pollution.
  • Trash is separated and taken to the municipality dump where recyclable items are given to those who collect items for recycling.
  • There is very limited paving. Greening is the preferred option.
  • Most importantly, we welcome suggestions to improve our environmental consciousness.